The Artist

Courtney Alexander is currently a senior student at USF majoring in studio art. Anticipating her graduation in the Fall of 2015, she plans to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts degree and use art as a platform to create raw and candid dialogue in the arena of body politics, race, and feminism. Alexander attempts to dig into issues of duality, hyper sexuality, and self-awareness. It is a much more personal dialogue which serves to create vulnerability and explore the complex nature of her existence. She is inspired by her experiences at the intersection of being fat, black, and female in a modern world. Her paintings and sculptures are abstract and experimental, allowing for a more tactile sensory experience.



  • Oliver Gallery                                         October 2015
    Collaborative Exhibition

  • USF Centre Gallery                                May 2015
    “It's About Time” Collaborative Exhibition

  • Oliver Gallery                                          April 2015
    Juried Exhibition (Top Prize Winner)

  • USF Centre Gallery                                 April 2014
    “Overload” Solo Exhibition

  • Hillsborough Community College          April 2013
    Juried Student Fine Art Exhibition